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my friends and I shot a video to a cover of marina and the diamond's song "oh no" that I did a couple of months ago, I thought it'd be nice to share.

take care, stay safe
thanks to all the people that appreciated my latest photo "disconnection". out of those that I took within the last months it's definitely the one I'm the proudest of.

I don't quite know how it happened that exactly tonight the idea for creating a post like this crept up to me, and the longer I think of it I see no particular reason either. it's one of these things that rambles in the back of your mind for long enough, yet you're never too aware of it ... and all of the sudden it bursts out to the world, or it is willing to, and you are the one to choose if you want that to be.
now I've been on this website for long enough and it's either me or the website that changed in order for me to feel about it the way I do; even though I believe it is not quite the latter. I remember these times where I adored this website and it meant so much to me so I ended up spending ages browsing the width of galleries and art we have on here; now that hasn't changed, I'm still fascinated by some things that I find.
yet what something inside of me started to think is that this place has become yet another place that just scratches along the surface and doesn't dig deeper into it .. the signs are everywhere. god forbid the front-page which has never been more than pure commercialized or "cute art", also the eagerness of people to comment which often results in two-word-compliments rather than critique which merely has the purpose to remind us of their existence rather than actually commenting on the art, I also see it in the title of groups "hotmenandboys" or "morethan200favorites" or "getattention" or "iamjustonthiswebsitetobeadored", and eventually in a lot of polls that end up sounding like "I am not sure if you like what I do, so what do you prefer, naked girls or cardbox men with bokeh? whatever you choose, I'll do more of it because I don't do art for myself but for you"

I know this sounds very harsh. I don't intend to insult specific people, but just to point out the general attitude that I find on here. I just want to remind all of you of something; "art" is an expression of thought. it's not to be adored. it's not to please people. it's not to receive attention. alright, who am I to say that, some of you might say that I have "no right to say that because you have like a gazillion of watchers" ... but what do I need hundred people merely pressing a button? to those of you who still write; who take the time to look at something, to think about it and to get inspired; I want you to know that what you are doing is very appreciated, and what matters when it comes to art. of course having people look at your art is good - but a number won't measure its value.

just keep in mind that art is not something to consume but something to appreciate and to get in touch with. try to look beyond things. try to understand.
even if seemingly no one loves what you do; as long as you love it, it will be true. and you do not need to depend on what anyone says.

some people on here give me hope, and that may be the reason why I am staying. or because this website made me to who I am today.
also a great shout-out to BeauCyphre for never staying quiet about things.
all of you, take care.
All you've got to do is to answer the following question; what are some negative things happening on this world? anything, if it's feelings like hatred or big things like corruption in the politics; so?
I mean, this is a weird question. It's for a photo I'm planning and I've already written some things down into my notebook, but maybe I'm missing out on something really important and I just need to know. So go ahead. Write down what bothers you on this planet or in this world and we'll see how I can involve it later on.
I'm running late with this, so I better do it now than never. It's just, I've been terribly busy these last weeks and I barely got around answering any of the messages I received on here ... I'm sorry about it, I feel as if it is unfair; you take your time and write so much feedback and compliments, and it takes me years to reply to them. but holidays start in one week, so I suppose I can get back to where I used to be by that time.

also, a huge thank-you to everyone who send me a message or wrote a comment on my page on my birthday. it had been a beautiful day and I was happier than ever to see all the messages you send me. I appreciate it a lot, and it means something to me, still, even though I barely come on here anymore.
but maybe things will change. I'm still not sure.

all the best. :heart:
this morning, still a little tired from the night because of back-pains and an upcoming final exam, I went onto my Facebook and stumbled upon some unfortunate news;
the lovely and wonderful Lisa-Schneider, former lisalein, passed away after a terrible car accident she was involved in. and on that note, I just want to speak out my condolence and unhappiness over this incident ... it just kind of hit me, along with so many other people out there, really hard. lisa had always been one of the artists I admire the most, one of these people that just stood out for what they are and what makes them so beautiful. I'm going to miss her around, even though we hardly spoke for the last few weeks, she just kind of changed my attitude and opinion on so many different things, she inspired me and still does and it's just ... not fair this had to happen.
I just wanted to write this down somewhere. I hope Lisa is up well where ever she is right now, and I just wish all the best for everyone involved and affected by this. may she rest in peace! :heart:

:faint: okay, so guys. if you ever wondered how to receive a daily deviation - wait for the day where you expect it the least to happen, and it will happen. I was pretty busy today and I didn't think of dA at all until just a few minutes ago when I wanted to submit a photo I took today, and then this.

society by NikolasBrummer

"society" received a DD, which is now my 3rd DailyDeviation on DeviantArt. oh dear. I actually am quite flattered by this, I don't know, it's just lovely to know people appreciate this piece so much. :thanks:

so, at this part, I feel like thanking all of you. thank you for sticking with me for two years now, or just having discovered me and appreciating what I do. it's nice to know people like what you do because you truly love it. so thank you. thanks for every favorite, every critique, every comment. everything. you are amazing. :heart:

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now that I've been on this website for two years now (and indeed posted a hella lot of pictures), numerous times my photo's have been compared with movies or books. here I have to admit, there was a time when that bothered me because I wanted my photos to "stand for themselves" and "not be a rip-off". but yeah, the time came that I just don't care anymore. I just told myself that I am doing what comes to my mind, no matter where it comes from or what the source of inspiration was, I just do it.

and yeah, a few minutes ago, I suddenly decided to list up all the comparisons that have been made yet. it's more for me than for my watchers because I am a person that likes to make lists, and this journal seems to be a good place to make that list at.
so here we go:

peter pan
mimesis by NikolasBrummer earth by NikolasBrummer you're gonna shine today by NikolasBrummer

the ring
a good night by NikolasBrummer static by NikolasBrummer day fourteen - the end by NikolasBrummer

twilight ( no comment :| )
day ten by NikolasBrummer we all look like we feel by NikolasBrummer mimesis by NikolasBrummer

alice in wonderland
day one by NikolasBrummer the maniac's tea party by NikolasBrummer

pride and prejudices
secrets by NikolasBrummer magical moments by NikolasBrummer

hansel & gretel // bridge to terebithia // a game called "ICO"
the burden by NikolasBrummer

that's actually about it. if you are bored like me and you can think of a photo from my gallery that totally reminds me of this and that, feel free to share that with me.
peace out!
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it's a few days to spring break and, in all honesty, I can't wait to relax again. life's been stressful lately and I've gotten sicker again. but just to inform you. don't take my words for granted and expect too much, although I dearly hope and plan to take photos these weeks, I am not the one to make promises.

besides that, I'd like you to have a look at this.
Beau Cyphre, also known as BeauCyphre, is one of the most excellent artists on this website and, now that he's published a couple of eBooks, deserves every bit of attention. his honest and straightforward style of writing is fascinating, so if you are interested, go ahead and take a look!

I haven't updated on here for long, this feels so odd.
au revoir, fellas!


meeting dragonfly-oli

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 15, 2012, 3:20 AM




uhm ... hello, I guess? it's been a while since I wrote my last journal and actually did something on this website, but I got home earlier from school today and I decided to use this spare time for doing some stuff around here, clean my inbox, write this journal ... so yeah. :aww:

I have been getting into art a little more lately, not just photography, but the whole meaning of "art", it's history, the different genres etc. etc. I've discovered being an artist is the most important thing to me in my life and, even though it's hard, I want to keep on track. I've had my ups and downs these last weeks, a lot of failed photo shoots that I never shared with you, a lot of frustrating days and miserable edits and post-processes that ended up in my bin. buuut this weekend ...
I met OliviaMichalski for the second time. It was a lot of fun, we went to some kind of botanical garden and, even though we expected it to be a little more filled with plants, we took a few photos and also one self-portrait together (or does that make it a group-portrait? pair-portrait? anyway, we used the self-timer) which I'll use as my ID as soon as I've got finished editing it. (which will be some time later this day, hopefully)
It was a little frustrating tho' because, as Olivia and I were planning to get out of the park and as we arrived at the gate ... it was locked. So, instead of doing what normal people do and call the police or some park-guards, we climbed over the fence and had a little accident .. it wasn't serious, looking back on it now, it kind of was amusing, I mean, the whole climbing-over-the-fence thing, not the olivia-falling-and-injuring-her-foot-a-little thing.

and today - today it is Olivia's birthday. so, all of you, if you haven't already done it, get your asses up and go to her page, give her some comments, faves, a watch ... she deserves all the love. :heart:

6.52 - Don't let me go. by OliviaMichalski When you're gone. by OliviaMichalski

Dialysis. by OliviaMichalski

3.52 - Spring will come. by OliviaMichalski

and now, a small feature to a dear deviant who helped me purchasing my new premium membership.
thank you, Nilanja :heart:

rabbit's thoughts by Nilanja

hair by Nilanja

alright, that is about it for now. you are all lovely. :heart:

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it's sunday

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2012, 12:06 AM




Today is the last day of my vacation and ... I just feel like summing up what I achieved these two weeks off school. Although I may not have shared all of it with you fellas, I took quite some photos this holiday. I've been working on a project which I am probably going to finish today. I didn't plan the project in the first place, but somehow it just created itself and now I am quite happy to be almost done with it.
The only thing I am disappointed of is that I didn't get to take the "The Sun" photos because I really really had looked forward towards that.
Anyways, I still have plenty of concepts and I wrote them down in my notebook and I feel like the next weeks will bring a lot of photos.

How about guys? A happy new year, first of all! I hit 3000 watchers on the 1st of January and I am quite happy about that, it's lovely to see that people are enjoying my work. :heart: It also motivates me to be more active around here, know that people care about you. It gives me the feeling that I should give you something in return, haha.
I am probably going to submit some tutorials within the next weeks but also a few before/after edits, several projects and a collab.

So yeah. I love you all. :heart:

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merry christmas

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 25, 2011, 2:08 AM




just rushing by to wish you all a wonderful and beautiful Christmas. I personally got my gifts yesterday and today & tomorrow are going to be lovely days spent with my family and a lot of food. I don't know if you celebrate Christmas or if you live by yourself or whatnot, but I wish you all a magnificent time around these days and that a few or even all of your wishes came/ will come true. :aww:


ps: towards photo stuff, I'm still quite inactive, but hey, Christmas break is on, I'll definitely find some time these days. :shrug:

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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 18, 2011, 4:04 AM




well buenos días.
I've been working on a concept for the last few days and as my winter break starts in three or four days, I'll probably have enough time to actually execute that project.
it's all based on one specific song;

to be honest, I'm really looking forward to the shootings. I don't want to spoil too much yet, but I just thought to share this song so you can "prepare" for it. :giggle: in fact, I actually love that song overly much so I would have shared it with you sooner or later anyway.

but today I'm just gonna relax and maybe take a simple photo with a simple concept.
au revoir, everyone.

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where's my dedication?

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 8, 2011, 12:33 PM




no really, I wonder where it went. I haven't been on the computer much at all lately and when I was, I looked for inspiration on tumblr or talked to people on Skype ... I miss the ol' times when I was on DeviantArt six hours per day. :crying: really, I don't wish myself to be online that much, but just a tad more would be just fine. It just makes me feel horrid. DeviantArt has always made me feel and still makes me feel part of something, I like the way how all we different kind of artists found a way to communicate and share and baw ...
I believe that I won't start being all active again just by tomorrow, but I think I'll have a lot more time in two weeks when christmas break is on. Because right now I'm writing two exams per week and I also have a lot of work to do besides school. :faint:

but I have already written 689 of these journals, it might get boring. I'm sorry. :lol:

see you soon lovelies. and thanks for staying by my side and still ... appreciating what I do no matter how I've started to do stuff differently from what I used to do.
in fact, this actually surprised, I had already prepared for a lot of people to unwatch me and be all like "pf no I don't like that."
but oh well. it's fun to be proven otherwise. :aww:



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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 27, 2011, 6:06 AM




So the point of this journal is actually just to inform/remind you that there will probably be a DeviantArt Meet-Up in Southern Germany next summer. Although it's not 100% sure yet, I think Lisa-Schneider, ByLaauraa, adrianismyname and myself are already pretty sure we will come. (please correct me if I am wrong)
I will definitely give you further information soon, but it would be good if you could keep this in mind so it will really happen.

On a side note, I am super busy lately, so don't feel insulted because I haven't answered your comment yet. I feel so bad because I still have some of two weeks ago laying around in my inbox. :hmm: But maybe I'll find the time to answer them soon enough. :aww:

And I'm going to a The Kills concert tonight. Just thought I should brag. :lol:

stay awesome,

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an impression

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 22, 2011, 11:44 AM




I've started to be more and more minimalistic on photos, haven't I?
I quite like that, I don't know.

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today, I met dragonfly-oli

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 19, 2011, 10:46 AM




so, I just came back from an hour of sitting on the train. before that, I met this girl.
her name is Olivia, or OliviaMichalski, and all I can say ... today was awesome. :dummy:

I've known Olivia for quite some time now, we got to know each other over DeviantArt and we had talked a lot until we both decided it was time to actually meet in real-life. Since my town is just 40 minutes of train-driving away from hers, I took this chance and visited her. We walked around her town and decided to sit down in a little café and just talk and talk and talk. And literally, we actually just sat there and talked and talked and talked and (drank latte machiato and ate waffles) talked and talked and ... you know, luckily, it wasn't one of those conversations where you start to worry about what to say next. she is such a lovely person and I am glad to have met someone who shares opinions and attitudes towards so many different things and also has the maturity to express them openly.
although we both had taken our cameras with us, we didn't make it to take any photos. okay, maybe I took one photo of those lights that were hung in the streets and that made a beaaaautiful bokeh, but that was just a snapshot to capture those lightings and besides the light, the photo is just boring. :lol:

but yeah, I just thought I should brag about how I can meet cool people from DeviantArt because they live close to me. ;P no kidding, but still, this appeared share-able to me. (if share-able is a word)

you should all go and watch Olivia, she is super awesome.

Drop carrier. by OliviaMichalski .u.n.t.i.t.l.e.d. by OliviaMichalski

:thumb269516260: Gone with the wind. by OliviaMichalski

Lonely. by OliviaMichalski :thumb265689768:

seeee yaaaaa'll

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the feeling ...

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 17, 2011, 8:19 AM




... when you discover a beautiful photo and feel like showing it to the whole world.

that did just happen.

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line of the day

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 15, 2011, 8:34 AM




don't ever compare yourself to other artists and envy them of their skills,
they are not your competition, they are your companions on your way to becoming a real artist.

:thumb268994895: smrs by SumAeris Express yourself by adrianismyname

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yeah I don't know

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 13, 2011, 1:10 PM




this is just a quick thought that came to my head while I was looking through some photos of me and other artists.

confession time;
I don't know if anyone else feels this way (and I am not gonna say this because I want you to make me comments and convince me of the opposite), but I think my photos are quite dull. It's either colors, compositions or perspectives or all of them together. When I view them, I miss some ... soul. They always look so set-up and unreal to me, like, they do have some emotion, yet they also lack of emotion. (if that makes sense)
I feel like changing that. I want to feel more soul in my photos. Maybe I'll never be able to do so because they aren't as magical to me as they are to others - I know where the shot was taken, I know how hard it was, I know what the weather felt like, I know what the day felt like, I know the model on the photo ...
all these aspects can ruin a photo for you, for example if you know that a shot that was meant to look free, nature-like and lost was shot three meters next to a highway. :lol: but that is why I want to change it. I just feel like improving.

please, do not feel like you have to write comments that tell me I should be happy about my art (although these are rare yet superbly lovely. :heart:) . I am not sad, nor depressed, nor mad nor am I saying that I think all my photos are bullshit, I just think I needed to type that down because I want to work on it. So no worries, I don't actually need any cheering up. :lol:
I do appreciate the fact you actually like my art and I love all the support you give me, but I just always feel so bad when people think I hate my art. I don't hate it, it means something to me and I, without sounding vain (hopefully), am really really proud of it.

sorry if this journal confused you. :lol:

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mission complete

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 7, 2011, 11:24 AM




I don't know, I think this is the feeling of achievment right there. My autumn break ended yesterday and I realized I actually reached all my goals. I finished reading "IT" by Stephen King, I met a lot of friends, I earned a lot of money, I started being active on dA again, I bought new shoes & CD's but most of all;
I took a photo a day. Although I didn't submit the photo on monday and saturday of the second week, yes, I did take photos these days. But they just appeared as ... rather boring nature photos to me. Nothing I'd like to share or that I'd like to have feedback on. Maybe I'll post them on my flickr when I get the time. (flickr is more likely my personal photo gallery whilst deviantArt is the "art" gallery of mine)

and it makes me happy to know that I actually ... succeeded. :aww:

so yeah ... have the photos I took these two weeks all together in a journal at the bottom.
and have a nice day. :heart:
NikolasBrummer :dummy:

day one by NikolasBrummer day two by NikolasBrummer

day three by NikolasBrummer day four by NikolasBrummer

day five by NikolasBrummer day six by NikolasBrummer

day seven by NikolasBrummer day nine by NikolasBrummer

day ten by NikolasBrummer day eleven by NikolasBrummer

day twelve by NikolasBrummer day fourteen - the end by NikolasBrummer

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